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Step by step office installation guide

Get the step-by-step guide to download, install, and activate Microsoft Office Setup.
You are all set to setup Microsoft Office subscription on your device and suddenly what you see during the activation is an error message. And, according to this message your product is unlicensed. In this situation, you get terrified because you have already paid for your subscription and still it is showing to be unlicensed. Worry not if you are experiencing a similar situation as this has also happened with several other users.
In reference to the similar queries regarding the same problem faced by the users, Microsoft has come up with certain solutions to get rid of the error. Hence, you may try the following solution to fix the issue as soon as possible. If you have another specific query related to Office setup then visit Office.com/Setup.
Troubleshoot Office activation error
Solution 1- log in with the associated account

There might be some activation issues in case you do not provide the correct email address with which the subscription is associated. Hence, you should enter the related email address on the office.com/setup page.
Solution 2- remove any clashing files/programs
If your device has any clashing or the pre-existing version of Microsoft Office on your device, then also you will face the said error. In case there is any such file, make sure to remove it beforehand.
Solution 3- ask the retailer to activate your license
At times, the retailer from which you have purchased the Office subscription forgets to activate your product key or the license. In this situation, you will come across the ‘unlicensed product’ error. Hence, you should ask the retailer to do the same.
Solution 4- verify the status of your subscription
If nothing helps, go to the ‘Services and Subscriptions’ section of your account and check the activation status of your subscription. If any specific message or error is mentioned, then try resolving it with the help of a relevant solution.
Once you rectify the issue, try activating your subscription once again, and hopefully you will be able to do it.
office.com/setup            office.com/setup       office.com/setup office.com/setup norton.com/setup
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https://officecom-setupms.com https://officecom-setupms.net https://officecom-setupms.org https://office.comsetup.download https://make-myoffice.com


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