3 maja 2022 roku, godz. 16:00

Brain wave of tomorrow

1. I am a fallacy at the source.
2. Wallet, violin, blanket, chain, spoon she looked into the antique mirror.
3. They were looking for each other at the crossroads of the street where they lived.
4. For what would you die - for a better life.
5. No matter what you wear on your head, you will still be the fate of the human glances.
6. Wroten sentence deeply about dust, the last truth about ourselves.
7. An ancient violin maker felt like a classical instrument in the hands of the notes of truth.
8. A plan riskier than chance.
9. Useless has the advantage of not being used.
10. Thoughts like the senses, sense the smallest gesture, movement, sound.
11. Speak words of tomorrow, today.
12. At the end of the world they will tell you where are you standing.
13. I'm a midget fantasizing about climaxing.
14. Even if I do not exist for the sun, we are united by the night.
15. Time is woven with a strong thread of love.
16. Perfect admiration in front of the podium light of the idea.
17. Lack of brains at the helm of satisfaction.
18. He is silent - trembling when the painting is alive... Not good, bad, even worse so what he is it today - a painter of words.
19. Power of thoughts danced with a feather in the wind, as if were a speck of matter in an all-action mechanism.
20. In the toilet of needs, you are still the epitome of beauty.
21. Survival drives waves of thoughts. The eternal wave binds us, this moment continues.
22. Let us go hungry, if we trying find freshness in the bread.
23. I'd rather feel that love is close than reach the farthest in my thoughts.
24. The time X, made the best choice in a small sense of freedom.
25. Fall asleep in the shadow of creed.

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